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Mediclaim Policy is an Insurance coverage wherein any of your Health related hospitalization bills can be claimed from the insurance company. There are two different ways to get your bills claimed either by cashless facility i.e. your bills are directly paid to the hospital or you can pay your bills in the hospital and get a reimbursement after submission of the same to the insurance company.

The medi-claim policy is available only for Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine. A medi-claim or a health insurance policy provides for reimbursement of hospitalization. If for some reason, an individual is on bed at and needs an attendant or a nurse, the medi-claim policy will cover the expenses. The minimum period of hospitalization should be for 24 hours. However, for certain treatments this limit is not applicable when package charges are levied for treatment by the hospital.

It is very important for you to check what all is covered by a medi-claim policy. Any disease or sickness existing before the mediclaim is taken will not be covered. Each medi-claim policy has a list of specific exclusions. Check the list. Most Insurance Companies do not offer mediclaim for obesity related illnesses, expenses arising from HIV or AIDS or the use of alcohol or drugs and expenses due to attempted suicide. Expenses associated with the treatment due to war, riots or a terrorist attack is not insured by policies.

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